Willis Curdy volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Please Vote For Willis Curdy

Your support in this open state house seat is vital. I also need your financial support to help spread the word of my candidacy to HD 98 voters. Montana Democrats must take several seats in the Montana House to control that body's agenda. My election to this seat is crucial to attain that goal but in order to win I need your contribution (Please see my How You Can Help section for more information on how to contribute). Together, you and I can determine the course Montana will take after the 2015 legislative session. Please join may campaign today.

My broad base of business and educational experience, combined with my promise to listen to both sides of an issue, are just a couple of the qualities I bring to the table. 

Here are some of the endorsements I have recieved, and my campaign goals:


David Wanzenried, Montana Senator SD49
Carolyn Squires, Montana House of Representatives HD96
Montana Sportsmen Alliance

Campaign Goals

Small Business/Economic Opportunities


 Health Care

Montana Seniors

Montana Veterans

Montana Recreationists