The Montana Sportsmen Alliance is proud to endorse Rep. Willis Curdy for House District 98.

Rep. Curdy scored well on our scorcard. He has been a pleasure to work with. He always has time to listen and learn. He is tuned into the things that Sportsmen/women hold dear and understands the threats we face in holding on to the Montana Resident Sportsmen's Heritage. In short, he is a proven commodity for sportsmen.

Rep Curdy, we look forward to working iwth you in the next legislature! You are free to use this endoresement however you'd like. Good luck. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Montana Sportsmen Alliance

Leadership Group

John Borgreen, Great Falls

Sam Milodragovich, Butte

Steve Shindler, Glascow

Joe Perry, Conrad

JW Westman, Park City

Robert Wood, Hamilton

Jeff Hervert, Helena