Willis and Gloria

How You Can Help

The election is November 4th.  Absentee ballots will be sent out the first week of October and this is a crucial time period.  More than 20,000 Missoulians are now registered to vote by absentee ballot. 

There are several ways you can help.

1.  Financial - Individual contributions are limited to $170.  Contributions may be mailed to Willis Curdy for House District 98, Peggy Christian, Treasurer, 11280 Kona Ranch Road, Missoula, MT. 59804, or you may make a secure contribution online here.

2.  Signs - I am looking for visible areas to post signs.  I will need permission for each location. I would like to cover the Target Range and Orchard Homes area, as well as Blue Mountain, Big Flat and the rest of HD 98 with these signs so any contacts would be appreciated.  I would like to place the signs in April.

3.  Word of Mouth - As you are going through the spring season of social activities, I would truly appreciate it if you would please mentioning my candidacy.